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The Trust

A pair of cops investigating a drug invasion stumble upon a mysterious bank vault.

> About trusting a prankster for a risky job.

It was so much better than I anticipated, but the end ruined my party. It was the right time I saw it, because I haven’t seen any heist films recently. It was not like any genuine heist theme, but still I kind of enjoyed it for being a slightly different, especially the first two acts. It is about the two cops, actually they’re part of the police department, but from a different division. When they discover a huge illegal money belonging to a cartel gang after going through the police file, they plan to hit it and disappear forever. But as the title indicates, the trust is what lacks between them. In the third act, the pace picks up rapidly and brings a twist in the tale before the credits begin to roll.

Two wonderful main characters with a decent story, but I don’t know about the cast. I kind of felt there was a vast age gap between them, like an old man teaming up with a teenager. Obviously worst chemistry, but that’s the point, if you understand the title very well. Both the characters were completely opposite, like one was a very confident person, but a prankster and the other guy were a hopeless, but serious about everything. Just like a wolf and a sheep together planning to rob a farmer. When it was going good, like I said the conclusion spoilt the overall product. Other than that it is an okay film.

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