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The story of communist show-trial victim Milada Horáková. Horáková was one of the first victims of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. She opposed the communist coup in 1948 but did not leave the country. She was arrested and tried for treason on fabricated charges in a show trial that was broadcast on the radio and shown in film clips. The film focuses on the time from 1945 to 1950 when the communists took over, but also goes back a little further in Horáková's life into the late 1930s

Politician and human rights campaigner Milada Horáková battles against all odds to defend her beliefs in a Czechoslovakia under Communist rule.


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Milada (2017)
Rating: 5.8/10 (310 votes)
Director: David Mrnka
Writer: David Mrnka Robert J. Conant Robert Gant Martin Dolenský (story editor) David Mrnka (book) David Mrnka (story by)
Stars: Ayelet Zurer Robert Gant Daniel Rchichev Karina Rchichev
Runtime: 124 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Biography Drama History
Released: 02 Nov 2017
Plot: The story of Milada Horáková, democratic pre-WW2 Czech politician first arrested and tried by the Nazis during the War and then the post-war Communist government for her refusal to cease her opposition activity and leave the country.