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മല്ലൂ സിംഗ്

Anil decides to look for his friend Hari who has been missing since seven years. When he finally locates him in Punjab, Hari claims that he is Harinder Singh and has no connection with Kerala.

In search of a long lost childhood companion, a man from Kerala sets out for rustic Punjab, where he runs into unexpected mixups and personalities.

What should have made ‘Mallu Singh’ interesting is a firm, appealing story, because this is the film that has the perfect backdrop already. Set in the rural locales of Punjab where there is a whole lot of mirth going on under the blazing sun; where nature stands one with man, ‘Mallu Singh’ lacks this one thing that it needed most!

No doubt there is a tale to tell, but it goes thus. Ani (Kunchacko Boban) goes to Punjab in search of a long lost brother Hari (Unni Mukundan) only to discover that the man has transformed into Hareender Singh. Confused beyond his wits, Ani determines to find out if Hareender is indeed Hari in disguise
Mallu Singh, as one of the characters in the film rightly points out is Hitler Madhavankutty reincarnate, and would make mincemeat of anyone who dares look at his four sisters (played by Aparna Nair, Meera Nandan, Rupa Manjari and Shawlin).

There is a moral lesson that the film upholds; that having a hoard of enterprising young actors aboard will not save a film. The narrative is bound to be equally if not more important, and when a film falls shorts on that very vital feature, the results are bound to be dismal.

Usually the USP of all of Vyshakh’s films is that they keep you entertained with harmless gags, even as the plot is not one to be boasted of. Unfortunately ‘Mallu Singh’ is infinitely low in the jokes department as well, and there are very few instances in it that would genuinely bring out a smile.

The story build up in a predictable manner leads to a conventional climax with no surprises in store. Eventually it all comes down to a stage when you realize that ‘Mallu Singh’ makes no special efforts to put across to the audience an inventive tale.

Unni Mukundan, who has earlier been seen in promising roles, does get launched as a real hero in ‘Mallu Singh’ but the kicks that he gets to deliver are a bit too inflated. He’s definitely good, but the action sequences of the film stand out as the worst part and with each sturdy blow that Mallu Singh delivers the overall impact of the film is further weakened.

Shaji’s frames are the best thing about the film, and perhaps it would be right to say that it’s an achievement that he has succeeded to make you keep your gaze fixed on the screen despite the very mundane affairs that occur there. M Jayachandran’s musical score is definitively impressive as well.

‘Mallu Singh’ disappoints you on multiple levels; regarding the story, the script and above everything else in its failure to proffer its talented lead actor a challenging role that could have made a whole lot of a difference
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