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Flight of the Butterflies

It takes two or three generations for the monarch butterfly to reach the Canadian breeding grounds, but it is one "supergeneration" that makes the 2,000 mile return trip back south into central Mexico. The documentary film covers Dr Fred Urquhart's interest in monarch butterflies, with perspectives of Urquhart as a child wondering where the butterflies went, his years of research and study into their life and migration, to his time decades-later as a senior scientist looking back at his investigations and discoveries about the insect's life pattern.

2015-06-04 : Colin Covert
Impressive to view in Imax 3-D, it’s a true story that will inspire viewers to plant a milkweed garden.
2014-10-02 : Kim Ode
You’ll leave better informed about monarchs and environmental concerns, but also a little awed by the twists and turns and darn good luck behind a lot of scientific advancements.
2013-04-12 : Marco Chown Oved
It’s a story that begins and ends in Toronto and returns every year – and it’s never been so spectacularly and passionately retold until now.
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