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Bir Baba Hindu

Fadil, one of the fiercest mobsters of Turkey, one day falls in love with his Indian yoga instructor, Gundhi. Once Gundhi is kidnapped from Fadil's mansion Fadil sets out to India with his trustworthy friend Hulusi. He plans to rescue Gundhi and win her heart but this is a tough job as Gundhi's mother is one of the fiercest mobsters of India. With the help of a Turkish municipality worker in Mumbai, Fadil and Hulusi get entangled in numerous adventures as they try to reach Gundhi. Laughter ensues once Fadil's parents arrive in town. Will Fadil be able to save Gundhi and have his happy ending?

A Istanbul mobster falls for an Indian yoga instructor whose abduction takes him on a wild rescue mission to Mumbai.


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Bir Baba Hindu (2016)
Rating: 3.0/10 (852 votes)
Director: Sermiyan Midyat
Writer: Sermiyan Midyat Sermiyan Midyat
Stars: Sermiyan Midyat Burak Satibol Nicole Faria Safak Sezer
Runtime: 112 min
Rated: N/A
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy
Released: 29 Sep 2016
Plot: A disillusioned head of a mob falls in love with his yoga instructor. When she is kidnapped, he has to embark on journey from Istanbul to Mumbai to save her.