Beginning of the Great Revival is available in: Mandarin on Netflix USA


A chronicle of the events that led to the founding of the Chinese Communist Party.

2011-06-24 : Andy Webster
“Revival” is a proud statement by an ascendant society. But it demonstrates that mainstream Chinese cinema can be as guilty of self-indulgent overstatement as anything out of the West.
2011-06-24 : Maggie Lee
The highly-charged crowd scenes in which dissidents clash with authorities are staged with visual flair, conveying an exhilarating sense of self-empowerment which is the essence of revolution.
2011-06-23 : Mark Olsen
“Great Revival” is in many ways the very definition of propaganda – it even ends with an image of a waving flag – but “Revival” is too harmlessly flabby to be taken quite that seriously.
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