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Grosvin Figueroa : Before I begin raving about how wonderful this CD is, let me clear a few things up. This album covers the Broadway production of “Jersey Boys,” and continuously mixes dialogue and songs. What the Amazon reader cannot see is that there are in fact 22 songs on this album with medleys attached to certain pieces of dialogue also; this simply means that there are more than 22 songs. Of course, songs on this album are not always sung all the way through do to the storyline continuing. This CD in no way takes away from the live production and I totally love it. I am just receiving it after having attended the musical and the only thing I can suggest is that everyone attend this performance (but be aware that there are vulgar words used). This album is stupendous and I recommend it to all fans of The Four Seasons. This works as a fantastic tribute to such great group and even calls for respect when you see and hear the performance leading to the story of the “Jersey Boys.”

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